New Bioretinol

Discover the new bioretinol anti-aging night complex! A true innovation by Zorah formulated with 1% pure phyto-retinol.

Discover our skincare line made with argan oil 


Ultra-efficient organic skincare


100% Made in Quebec


100% natural



Ultra-efficient organic skincare

Made in Canada

Our mission is to put science at the service of humans and nature by offering products that are highly performing that use healthy, organic and powerful ingredients.

New accessories

100% Made in Canada!

Discover Zorah accessories made locally in Quebec. They will accompany you in every moment of your day and fill you with happiness.



Zorah products are certified organic by the Ecocert or Quebec Vrai label. This means that all Zorah skincare products have undergone a careful verification of their composition and of the transformation process until their packaging. You have access to transparent information on the content of natural and organic ingredients indicated on the products.

Made in Montreal

Each Zorah care is designed and manufactured in our offices in Montreal. Contribute to local buying!

Cruelty Free

Because the planet and its inhabitants are so important to us, Zorah does not test its products on animals.

100% natural

Zorah uses a wide variety of ultra-efficient plant actives from organic farming and does not use any mineral (petroleum) or animal oils.

Pure organic argan oil

The excipient of every Zorah treatment. Argan oil is known in Morocco as precious oil. It has been used for centuries for its many virtues. Extremely rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins E and sterols, argan oil is ultra-hydrating and a powerful natural anti-aging.

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