Our commitment

Our commitment

Notre engagement

Our engagement is to take care of your body, and the earth, in an ethical way, by conceiving performing, organic, eco-friendly and fair trade prestige products.

Organic agriculture

Zorah products are made primarily with organically grown ingredients that are carefully selected to ensure that only the best are used for the skin and general health. From organic Argan oil to organic bee’s wax, zorah encourages an agricultural approach that respects both the consumer and the environment.

Even when plant-based organic ingredients are not available, zorah guarantees that all its cosmetics are made from GMO-free ingredients and produced using methods that are in no way harmful to the health of its producers or customers, or to the environment.


Zora’s entire product line is ecologically produced from A to Z using:

  • recycled and recyclable plastic containers
  • reused glass bottles to make jewellery
  • shipping boxes numerous times before being sent off to recycling
  • brochures printed on recycled paper with plant-based ink
  • display units made of FSP wood scraps.

Even zorah’s sales representatives’ cars must be eco-powered!
Recycling at zorah is much more than just recycling bins!

Fair trade

At zorah, sustainable development means ensuring that everyone involved in the production process is not subject to the harsh treatment of inhumane international trade. Zorah contributes to a more balanced distribution of the world’s wealth by purchasing its raw materials straight from sustainable development cooperatives.

Zorah also stimulates the local economy by manufacturing its products in Canada instead of in other countries where workers face horrible working conditions and earn extremely low wages, and where their economic and human rights are constantly being violated.

With each purchase of a zorah product, you are contributing to a fairer and more sustainable world.

Research and development

Zorah invests generously in research and development and is a pioneering force in the neglected scientific field of high-end and organic cosmetic products. For more than 100 years, major cosmetic companies have opted for more readily available synthetic materials, usually made from cheaper petroleum-based by-products, instead of choosing more natural and thus healthier products. Parabens, propylene glycol, EDTA, Polyethylene Glycols (PEG), phthalates, carbomers…are just some of the synthetic products harmful to your health and the environment, and have been widely used by the cosmetics industry for over a century. Ninety-five per cent of cosmetics on the market today contain these synthetic products.

Zorah’s relentless R&D work has made it possible for us to create products of equal or superior quality to so-called synthetically “efficient” ones, and without incorporating harmful ingredients. A promising success for generations to come.


Zorah is involved in the community in different ways:

  • Zorah purchases locally and contributes to strengthening the Canadian economy. Kits and box sets are made in Montreal instead of in China; ingredients are purchased at local businesses instead of at foreign suppliers; jobs are created locally, in Canada.
  • Zorah has given more than a hundred conferences on cosmetic ingredients that are toxic to health or the environment. Zorah continues to raise awareness on these matters.
  • Zorah has sponsored many charities and social events that make a difference, including:
    • Quebec National Scouts Rally
    • Pointe à Callières Museum Foundation
    • Montreal Mayor’s Foundation
    • Ste-Justine Hospital Foundation
    • Charity fashion shows

If you would like to invite Zorah to give a conference or a seminar on cosmetic ingredients that are toxic to health or the environment, please contact us:

Zorah biocosmétiques inc Community involvement

A/S Élise Mailhot-Paquette
Toll-free : 1.866.977.5461
Tel : 514.277.5461
Fax : 514.277.6804
[email protected] | zorah.simon.test

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