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Anti-aging night complex

Bioretinol is an anti-aging overnight complex formulated with pure phyto-retinol 1%. Ultra-efficient, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the complexion and firms the skin.

80% of testers saw their pigment spots faded from the first application.

65% of testers saw the appearance of wrinkles disminished after 30 days.

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For any online anti-aging treatment order, receive a free sample of the Bioretinol Anti-Aging Complex in 10ml format. We will automatically add it to your order.

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Discover our testers testimonials!

Discover the testimonials of our testers who tried the new anti-aging night complex bioretinol as well as the sublime anti-aging night cream for 15 days. A new 2-step anti-aging nighttime routine that delivers immediate results!

What is phyto-retinol?

Phyto-retinol, or more commonly called bakuchiol, is a plant active ingredient obtained from the seed of a magnificent purple flower called Psoralea Corilyfolia. 100% natural, its effects are identical to that of retinol obtained chemically, without the harmful effects. It is ideal for sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Night Routine

For immediate effects on wrinkles, age spots, firmness and lift of the skin, adopt this new anti-aging night routine by Zorah!

Step 1

Bioretinol anti-aging night complex

Step 2

Sublime anti-aging night cream

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